Wing Trout Spey Fly Rod


Versatility is the name of the game with the Wing Trout Spey rod series. Built on a low profile, specifically designed Powerlux carbon blank, these rods are light enough to cast single handed, yet the added length makes casting and mending easier than traditional single handed rods- resulting in longer and more natural drifts with nymphs and dry flies.

And when you want to swing wet flies or cast great distances the two handed TPSF handle offers the ability to unlock the power of the Spey cast

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Rod Length

Line Rating

Rod Length

Rod Length is the distance from the rod butt to the rod tip.  

Line Rating

The line test strength in which the rod is rated for.



$569.95 Each

SKU: 1571762 Model Number: GROWIN113


  • Powerlux  4pc carbon blank
  • Versitile Trout-Spey action
  • AAA Cork handle
  • Double foot snake guides
  • Lined stripper guides
  • Full Alloy reel seat
  • Dual locking nuts with nylon cushion ring
  • Keyed and milled reel seat slide band to reduce weight
  • Rod section model ID and alignment dots
  • Supplied in a rod bag and hard tube

Average Customer Ratings

Compare Wing Trout Spey Fly Rod models

Model Number Rod Length Line Rating Number of Pieces Rod Action Rod Handle Type Rod Handle Material Color Water Type Net Weight Sku
GROWIN10102 10'10" 2 wt 4 Medium Fast TPSF Cork Red/Grey Freshwater 0.700 1571761
GROWIN113 11' 3 wt 4 Medium Fast TPSF Cork Red/Grey Freshwater 0.710 1571762
GROWIN1124 11'2" 4 wt 4 Medium Fast TPSF Cork Red/Grey Freshwater 0.710 1571763
GROWIN1145 11'4" 5 wt 4 Medium Fast TPSF Cork Red/Grey Freshwater 0.730 1571764
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