About Greys

Founded in the heart of England's rich fishing tradition by passionate angler Malcolm Grey in 1968, at Greys that passion for adventure and fishing carries though to today in the products we create and the experiences they enable.
At Greys we believe fly fishing is about more than catching fish. It is about the adventure. It is about the challenge. It is about the people you are with, and the people you meet. It is about the sanctuary and peace fly fishing brings. And more than anything, it is about having fun. 
Greys is all about maximizing that experience, and it starts with quality gear. We have dedicated decades to designing and perfecting innovative fly fishing gear renowned for its quality, reliability, durability, and value. That technical expertise translates to products perfectly suited for your unique situation. Whether you are new to fly fishing or a seasoned pro, we have a wide range of accessible and stylish products that cover virtually any application.
Greys is more than a brand; it's your partner in discovering the beauty, serenity, connections, and, above all, the fun that the outdoors can provide for every adventurer.
Greys. Where connection, community, and fun meet accessible performance. Your adventure starts here.

Greys Fly Fishing Gear
Greys Fly Fishing Gear
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