Fin Cassette Spare Spool


Greys has led the revolution in cassette fly reels. The FIN Cassette is the latest addition and is no exception.

Part of the all-new Greys design concept with its cutting edge large arbour design, it is perfectly balanced with a well proven disc drag system in a range of sizes to cover all species. Supplied with two spare spools and a carry case, the FIN Cassette fly reels are the perfect solution for the angler looking to cover multiple options with one reel

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Reel Size

Line Rating

Reel Size

Reel sizes vary by manufacturer. To best understand the size of a spinning reel or casting reel, refer to the line capacity rating for the reel. Size standards are consistent across our reels.

Line Rating

The line test strength in which the rod is rated for.

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  • Spare spool for the Greys Fin series cassette reels

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Compare Fin Cassette Spare Spool models

Model Number Color Reel Size Line Rating Water Type Net Weight Sku
GSPFINCAS56 Grey 5/6 5 / 6 wt Freshwater 1 oz | 28 g 1546680
GSPFINCAS78 Grey 7/8 7 / 8 wt Freshwater 1.4 oz | 40 g 1546681
GSPFINCAS910 Grey 9/10 9 / 10 wt Freshwater 1.8 oz | 51 g 1546682

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