Fin Fly Reel


The FIN reels are the first range in the entirely new Greys reel family. A beautiful performance reel in a never before seen Di-cast construction.

The FIN is constructed from durable injection molded aluminum that undergoes two unique machining processes to perfect and polish it to a stunning multi-color finish. The reels are fitted with a full rulon disc brake system that provides a sturdy smooth drag. The fully enclosed frame prevents line escape and is designed with a large arbor spool for rapid retrieve and line care. The Greys FIN reels set a new standard in performance fly reels at an affordable price. Supplied with a reel pouch

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Reel Size

Line Rating

Reel Size

Reel sizes vary by manufacturer. To best understand the size of a spinning reel or casting reel, refer to the line capacity rating for the reel. Size standards are consistent across our reels.

Line Rating

The line test strength in which the rod is rated for.


$99.95 Each

SKU: 1546672 Model Number: GREFIN910


  • High quality di-cast, machine finished construction
  • Full disc drag system
  • Simple  left to right conversion
  • Modern large arbor industrial design
  • Supplied with reel pouch

Average Customer Ratings

Compare Fin Fly Reel models

Model Number Color Reel Size Line Rating Drag Type Drag Material Reel Handle Position Water Type Net Weight Sku
GREFIN34 Black 3/4 3 / 4 wt Disc Drag Rulon Right/Left Freshwater 0.270 1546669
GREFIN56 Black 5/6 5 / 6 wt Disc Drag Rulon Right/Left Freshwater 0.280 1546670
GREFIN78 Black 7/8 7 / 8 wt Disc Drag Rulon Right/Left Freshwater 0.300 1546671
GREFIN910 Black 9/10 9 / 10 wt Disc Drag Rulon Right/Left Freshwater 0.306 1546672
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